A Tribute to My Dad, Lawrence Robert McMullen



We will never forget the day the doctor came out, the look in his eyes; we had no doubt. Our lives forever changed, the pain so great, the battle lost, no war to be won, we had to accept the fight was done. We would stand together McMullen Strong, and even in defeat, our love could not be beaten.

We learned a hard lesson from the Lord above, he answers all prayers, but not all prayers could he grant. God blessed us with 19 days to cherish every last second, every moment, every hour of the day. He blessed us with the gift to walk with you through the stages, and to hold you tight throughout the night. He granted our wish to stand together as one until your time here on earth with us was done.

December 6, 2011, is the day you said the Lord would call you home to be with your family who passed on long ago. Not a day has gone by that you are not far from our thoughts, the love we still feel close to our heart. Our hero, our protector you will always be, you have inspired our lives to be all we can be.

We know you are near, the messages you send hit home from your great-granddaughter because you have remained her friend. You feared she would forget you, but there is no doubt, she sees you often, your thoughts she talks about. Her Guardian Angel, you were meant to be. Maybe that is why God had to set you free.

We wish we could see you one last time, hear your voice, hold your hand, and tell you our plans. We know you are watching and pushing us on, we can hear you say β€œYou got this kid. Go after your dreams. You can be anything you want to be, but just do not sing.”

We cry, and we laugh at the memories we have, our family not whole, but you will always be a part of our soul.

Today, we will hear you just in our minds as you whisper those words one last time. β€œThe seven most important people are here in this room” as we gather today to celebrate you with one last β€œSee Ya” we needed to say, we love, and we miss you more each day.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Dad, Lawrence Robert McMullen

  1. Kelly you have written this so beautifully. It brings me to tears. I was just remembering the article your Dad wrote in the paper about you babysitting Matt and you had gone running to your Dad with panic and fear in your voice. He made it all ok. A big man with a big heart!! When I remember him, I see him laughing. He is always with you! β™‘β™‘β™‘ That kind of bond doesn’t ever go away. Love you! Thank you for sharing this.

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